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Some background info first:

Neither my wife nor I come from the country where we live. We don't have any relatives in this country either. We're also not from the same country as each other.

Since the birth of our first child, we've been thinking about things like a will and legal guardians, etc.

We're planning to talk with one of my siblings in America to ask if they would like to become the legal guardian of our son if anything ever happened to the both of us.

My question is this:

What sort of document would we require to ensure that the local authorities would recognize who it is we wish our son to go to? Is this something that can be covered in an official will/testament?

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This all really depends on the country you're living in and what their laws are for successions/inheritances and the like. In some cases, the children automatically go to the closest family member, or a particular family member, even if the person doesn't live in the country.

In other countries, you sometimes have to appoint a "guardian" who is resident in the country, but who can then be directed to turn over the child(ren) to a specific person elsewhere in the world.

I would start by asked the professional you go to about wills/testaments (probably a Notar) and see what they can tell you.
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