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Desperately seeking interviews on visit...

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Hi there

I'm coming out to stay with friends for a week very shortly and desperately want to try and land some good interviews for work whilst out in Dubai. It's a repeat visit and me and my partner are adamant we want to move and improve our lives.

I've read the helpful employment info in 'read before posting' and have sent my CV off to the agencies listed there as well as getting any friends already out there to 'network' as much as possible for me.

Am I missing any tricks?? I'm a graduate with 7+ years of luxury marketing experience and know there's a lot of good employers out there. I'm also open to any new opportunities and would happily visit an agency for them to tell me what they think I could be eligible for.

Any advice on ho to get these first few doors open would be extremely appreciated!

Anyone with similar experience- I'd love to know how you did it.

Many thanks :)
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Thanks for the reply. I'm so used to the UK route of being forced to go through agencies that I'm forgetting companies still like to get direct applications.

I'll get writing. Thanks!
Thanks for the honesty- this is useful and might explain why my CV isn't getting me to where it normally would at home. A tactical downgrade might be needed.

Will try the big boys like Al Tayer directly.

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