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Hi, I'm new to this site, so hello everyone 馃榿
I have a house in the Charante area 16 and am looking to furnish it, my question is would it be cheaper to buy here in the UK and have it transported over, ( I was thinking of second hand goods) or where would be the best place to buy in that area?
My tenants have moved out as I am trying to sell it, but not having much luck, so have decided to use it myself in the summer months , so not wanting to buy expensive stuff, in case I get lucky and sell it 馃榿
Thank you for any help received

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Have moved you over into the main forum and clarified your thread title a bit.

I suppose it depends on just how much furniture you will need to kit out the place to your needs. Right now seems to be the season for brocantes and other sorts of used "stuff" sales, at least in some areas. (First weekend in July is very popular.) But if you're not in the area, there's not much you can do.

Let's see what idea the forum folks have for you.
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