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The Cyprus electricity company retain your original deposit of 200 E until a new tenant is registered or the owner re-registers, if neither is actioned then your deposit is NOT returned when you move on.This has raised questions about myself and my friend who receive very high electric bills in the first 2 months being told "you must be using the AC to much, mine was halved and my friend got some money back from the agent. We have concluded that, during a period of non tenancy the owners do not re-register and if they rent out to holiday lets the consumption of electricity is billed to the next tenant.
The local electricity company state we the tenant should request "cut-off" but a tenant is not approved to do this. In conclusion if/when you move from rented villas unless the owner or a new tenant is found you don't get your 200 deposit back. In my opinion both agent and owner know that if they register they will get the bill!!! better for them to it back and let the new tenant sort it out.
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