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Dependent UK Visa

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My wife is working in Scotland and holds a Tier 2 (General) visa.I am planning to apply for a dependent immigrant visa. I am based in India now.Can someone guide me the form that I need to fill in for the same and any guidelines for the same. I was referring to the UKBA website for details,but not very sure which form to fill in.
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Hi Joppa,
In my case, wherein I am applying for a dependent visa, just wanted to understand, who is referred to as the “Main Applicant” as indicated in the form.

Is it me who is filling up the details or my wife,who is already based in Scotland

Appreciate your response.

Balaji Rajan
Thanks Teuchter for your response.

In one of the sections (7) of the form, replies to be provided to the following questions needs clarity :-

1) How are you related to the main applicant?
2) Are you accompanying the main applicant or joining him/her later ?
3) If the main applicant is living in the UK what permission do they have to stay
there ?
4) What is the main applicant’s Certificate of Sponsorship or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number?
5) What job or course of study is the main applicant doing in the UK?
6) Name and address of the company or place of study,including the postal code
7) Other details of main applicant like Name,Date of birth,passport details etc

I am not clear what should I fill up for above questions, incase I am the main applicant and my wife working in UK is the sponsor.
Please advise
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Thanks Joppa.

Sorry to pester, but your replies to points 1 and 2 contradicts replies to 3 and subsequent questions.

Only if the main applicant is my wife, only then replies to point 3 and subsequent replies stands true.

Hope you agree.


balaji rajan
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