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Hi, I am new here, it will be great if someone can help me out with some information. My partner and I have submitted 189 visa application on 1st Oct 2017. Me as the primary applicant and him as my partner (defacto).

The evidence we are planning to submit are -

1. Written document stating relationship history signed by applicant and defacto partner

2. Lease agreement showing 12 months of stay together (previous to the day on which EOI is submitted)

3. Utility bill of 12 months addressed to both (previous to the day on which EOI is submitted)

4. Credit card statement (showing transaction done by both from two linked cards) of last 6 months when invitation will be received

5. Few photographs together (3-4)

Are the above sufficient or anything else might be required. There is no property or anything in both name. If required statement from both family can be provided as the plan is to get married in 2018 end of year.
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