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Hello All

I am just sharing this information as many people including me seem to trip over the ACS letter interpretation. Appears that ACS letter mentions the relevant experience by using the term "From XXX" OR "After XXX"

Sample :

employment after September 2007 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level.

There is an argument that whether one should enter "1 SEP" OR "1 OCT" while entering EOI/VISA lodge.

I entered 1 SEP in my case and have been having sleepless nights ever since then that infact i should have used 1 OCT.

I am sure there may be many more like me who have lodged the EOI/VISA like this and now wondering what happens.

Incidentally i came following thread where there is 1 off similar case AND CO seems to have accepted "1 SEP" as the start date.
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Having said that i am NOT saying you do the same BUT to be on safe side if jumping 1 month doesn't affect your points then use your intuition.

Thanks. Just wanted to get the stress off my head and from few others like me

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