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Dear Members,
I am into Software Testing from Accenture.
I am from Chennai,India job hunt in oz right now.
Trying my best to get into this so called Australian Workforce.
Wondering do we have any software testing Professionals in this forum.
if so,pls let this forum knows.
May that includes who are already employed too,guys in job search and who can refer and help people in job search.
Could be beneficial for each other to move further.
There are lot of Q's and threads floating asking for help related to applying PR for softwate testing.
This might serve a little for the needy.
Hope to hear soon from the Biggie Bug Diggers!

Testers please come out of the Shell:)
Make this more colloborative:).
Give a Shout here,Hope it reaches my ears too!!!:)

"When GOD is with us,
Who can be against us...!"
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