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Please help! I've almost landed my dream job here, but I'm not sure if that'll help my visa case!

I've a 1 year CSV for the category 'Corporate General Manager' and now I'm in talks with a big management consulting firm for a 'Manager' position. If 'Manager' is all my contract says, would that be good enough for the DHA to issue me a 5 year CSV when I apply for extension of my CSV?

I'm not sure if I can get my firm to give me a contract saying 'Corporate General Manager' as it's a big firm and the Manager designation is standard, and their HR processes seem to be too centralized to make these customized changes. And before I press on this with them, I wanted to get opinions on whether a plain old 'Manager' level contract would do or not at DHA.

I've seen older posts here (e.g. someone asking if a 'Marketing Manager' position would qualify for extension of a 'Corporate General Manager' CSV) but I couldn't find out if those people ever got a successful outcome or not.

Any replies or suggestions welcome. Thank you!!
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