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Dear All,

I have 95K km on my 2014 Cruze LT, warranty is already expired in Feb 2017, there is something wrong with my AC whenever temperature outside is around 40C and its humid even in evening AC doesn't work no cooling whatsoever specially If it's a city drive signal to signal highway drive is slightly better and heavy noise comes from engine.

I got it checked outside agency there was no issue with Gas mechanic suggested just carry on as it is otherwise you have to replace compressor which will cost you a lot.

I didn't go agency for the checkup because of the fact they always charge huge which I just recently realized when for the first time I got my rear brake pads from outside in just AED 210 (inclusive of labor and disks skimming) in comparison to 1,650/- which I paid on my 90K services just for front brake pads with new disks. I have discussed with the guys at Bin Hamouda service center they said we will keep your car for at least 1 week in case there is any spare part we don't have here needs to be ordered from somewhere else it might take more time.

I was wondering if anyone else is facing a similar problem or can suggest some better solution.

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