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Hey Guys !!
I am new to this forum, I am a chartered Accountant from India qualified in May 2011, and completed my article ship in Audits, and den joined industry as Financial Planning and Analysis, currently working as a cost analyst. So my experience is really a mixed bag of different area, so apart from article ship I have almost 4 years of experience (If count 3 years of article ship it becomes 7 years).

I have done B.Com(Hons.) from delhi university finished in 2008.
I need yoiu guys to please guide me on the following points:

1. Which Category I should apply for :
Accountant (General): 221111
Management Accountant: 221112
External Auditor: 221213

2. The assessment form asks for references or testimonials:
Is there any format ? Can I give my Experience certificate as is from my previous employer? For 3 Years of ICAI training can I give the letter of completion we receive from ICAI (CA's Can connect)? and How to obtain the experience letter from where I am working currently ? They have no clue I was to move !!

3. I have scored 7 each in Ielts, I have the test report, what else I need to submit I understand Marksheet and Degrees, They recently updated the assessment criteria in terms of subject not sure how to go for it ? Is there anyone on the same boat ?

Guys Please Please advice me I dont want to delay in further !! It was tough to pass Ielts and now I want to move smoothly. Any help will be appreciated. If somebody is on the same boat or have done this all please get in touch here or we can talk on phone as well.

Thanks in advance. waiting for your response.
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