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Hello this is my second application to sponsor my husband and I am currently writing my covering letter

I have had 1 previous refusal and was told that you have to adress the refusal point in your application and covering letter.

The reason for refusal was that the employer did not answer the phone... but I have found new employment now so will be re applying with new slips.. I have stated this in my covering letter please can you take a read:

"Please note- this is my second application to sponsor my husband ( name) I would like to make you fully aware that we have had 1 previous spouse visa refusal dated ( date) the reason for refusal was the ECO had difficulty contacting my previous employer and the telephone call was missed- please refer to the refusal notice which I have submitted in my application for more detail

Please take into account this was previous employer ( name of company) whom I no longer work for as I have reassigned from that job therefore has no bearing on my new application. I did not feel an appeal was appropriate course of action for us to take because besides the fact it is a very lengthy process, i did not feel happy in that workplace and had the desire to find new employment for a while.

As my circumstance has now changed and I have secured new employment we both feel a fresh application is appropriate. I have found new employment at ( name) in which I feel more comfortable and content and is more suitable for me. This coupled with my continuous employment at ( name of second current job) enables me to meet the financial requirement required.

I have included this on a seperate sheet to my main covering letter which outlines how me and my husband met and out intentions to live in the UK.

Please can I have some feedback. Will this suffice as addressing the refusal point. Do you think it's to vague?

Thanks for reading

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