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I have couple of Q's which I need views on.

I am planning my move to Perth on 176 (without Job offer) and I have couple of options:

1) Move now with the 20k AUD I have as savings and start a new life in Perth

2) Move in Jan 2013 as by then I'll have close to 30k AUD to take with me in Perth

So first question, should I go now or wait till a year which will make me financially better?

The other question, I am earning close to 60k AUD (decent according to Indian cost of living) in a well known Investment Bank with a stable career at a high position in the firm. Does it make sense to leave it all and take risk of job hunting in Perth or wait until I get a job offer before leaving India (which I have heard is quite difficult)?

I know its personal choice, it has always been that way. Just that I was much confident before I had to actually make the move. As the final move is getting closer, getting more nervous!

Do others also face such dilemmas?
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