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countries with working holiday visas for US citizens?

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I'm a US citizen, and I'm looking to go on a working holiday, and was wondering if there are any countries that have working holiday agreements with us, besides Ireland and Australia (the only two countries that I'm aware of, so far, that offer these visas to US citizens)

And before anyone points out the obvious: i'm well aware that the US sucks and doesn't give working holiday visas to people from other countries, so our citizens should expect the same (it sucks that the majority of americans are so xenophobic. just one of many the many reasons that make me want to get the hell out of here!)
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I think France offers a visa to current US students to live and work (for 6 months I think). There used to be BUNAC program for a recent graduate to live and work in UK, but it has been terminated and not relaunched, after UK changed immigration rules about migrant workers (points based system). Besides Australia and Ireland (and Canada of course), I don't know of any other countries.
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