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consumer rights? and gripes

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hi all apologies first for not being active on here for a while,but we have been extremely busy with workloads.
having been in portugal now in our new home for approx 8weeks i first would like to say how truly wonderful the people are and we really adore the area we have chosen.
but i do have a gripe which is a major to me but may seem trivial to the rest of you so here goes.
i purchased a 25metre extension cable reel and after 4weeks it packed up no power running through it, so i duly returned it to store with reciept. the manager of the store which is a very large well known company here then proceeded to check the reel out with a meter tester he could see there was no power, and then began undoing every nook and possible cranny to search further.when it was fully stripped down he accused me of breaking it,and said he would have to send it away for repair.
i politely asked if i could have another identical one or perhaps a refund, as repair could take upto 2weeks and i cannot carry works out on my house without one,or even if they could lend me one.
is that unreasonable and too much too ask?
the answer was a rude resounding no!!!!.
having spent hundreds of pounds in store last few weeks and quite feesably ready to spend another few thousand in there i said if that was the best they could offer me i would take my future business elsewhere,which was recieved with a shrug and a couldnt care less attitude,which now results in them losing all my trade.
seems strange to me in present economic climate that they are not interested.
sorry all for the rant but its now holding works up and is frustrating as i now have to go purchase another one and it feels like money down the drain.
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Go back to store and ask for and complete Livro de Reclamações Complaints Book, it can be completed in English, should be kept factual and provable, make a note that the manager took reel apart and refused to replace, refund or lend you one, think you'll find a very quick turn around in attitude.
You are given a copy, complaint is referred to Governing Body and must be answered

They must have sign up about Complaints Book and it's an offence not or to refuse to give to you.
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By not shopping there, you've allowed him to win, I'd be more inclined to continue shopping and making sure he knows and that you will get your consumer rights:) especially if it saves you running around.
I have only encountered similar customer service a couple of times here, IZI for example gave me the runaround over a sat receiver that wouldn't work, I gave them 2 opportunities to correct, I then gave them the options since then I've had zero problem, as you've gone down the book, generally I find customer service ok and not really any worse than UK.
Except for Sapo:(:(
Since you've gone down Livre route, I wouldn't think they'll want a repeat, just make sure you keep the receipts, normal cover here is 2 or 3 years:)
Replacement, repairs and refunds only apply to faulty goods, not fit for purpose or as advertised, refund on unwanted goods very much at retailers discretion, their policy and what is said at time, if you had asked the specific question at time then you'd probably have a case, but I believe that you'd only have an automatic right to a refund if you'd bought shoes online and returned within 7 days of delivered date.

Don't believe it's a legal requirement to state no refunds except for certain items like earrings etc

If he refuses a refund apart from complaints book don't think there's a lot you can do apart from accepting credit note and not shopping there again:(
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Should add although it's common practice in UK you don't have any legal rights in UK to return unwanted goods, it's a customer service loyalty tool, your rights only start if an item is faulty, not fit for purpose, not as advertised etc
Bit harsh, I've rarely had any major issues here luckily and found when I've needed to return an item that's faulty no great problem and items I'm unsure I want, fit or to be suitable when taken home always ask, but then I've spent a long time in all aspects of UK retail so have an advantage where knowledge of retail consumer law is concerned.
Yes it then becomes a verbal contract, applies all across EU
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