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My husband and I are interested in moving to Uruguay for an early retirement. We plan to visit during non-peak season to get a feel for the country.

We have read much information online while trying to determine the best locations to scout in Uruguay for purchasing a home. We are focused on Piriapolis. Below are the things that we took into consideration. Please offer any insight you have into Piriapolis or other locations. Thanks!

Factors we considered
  • close to Montevideo and Punta del Este
  • supposedly lower property tax than Punta del Este
  • underground utilities
  • developed infrastructure
  • availability of bilingual schools for children
  • diverse topography - hills and water

Questions still lingering
  1. What is the water in Piriapolis like? Is it more like a river or ocean?
  2. How difficult is the process for building a house in Uruguay compared to the US?
  3. How does Piriapolis compare to Punta Ballena?

Kind regards,
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