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I booked my tickets on 1st of May and will stay in Sydney for one month to do the papers and finding a job, if i failed i will come back to Jordan, i cant take the risk of being unemployed for more than 3 months.

But really its difficult to plan for my trip.

1- In which area to stay at the beginning?
I didn't find on the internet a good description of each suburb in Sydney, so at the end i decided to stay in KingsCross, the most well known and close to Sydney CBD.

2- How to find apartment for one month?
I registered with many share accommodation websites with no response, most of them cheaters from Nigeria.

3- How to meet recruiters?
I applied for maybe 100 vacancies through seek and career-one with no response.

I would appreciate having your advice for each.


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hi steafo

have u checked rent-a-home.com.au? they have shared accommodation. else, google hostels in sydney or backpackers and contact them. see gumtree as well.

now for jobs, linkedin is your answer. my friends have actually been getting queries from linkedin, they do networking for about a couple of hrs each day, contact recruiters in similar field and so far they have made lots of contacts.

as for u being there for a month, it really isnt possible to find a job in a month.. lemme correct, it isnt impossible but difficult. your initial week or two will go finding and adapting and knowing ppl, when u do, it will be time for u to go. if u can, try to make it for atleast 5-8 weeks. u say u can not afford being without a job for long, but to make a move you will have to.. no one will really entertain you till you are there and no one will be sitting with openings waiting for u. (sad but true)

You still have time, i think u shud start networking on sites, try to find as many recruiters as possible, try to make contacts and see if they can be any help.

Hope it goes well for you.
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