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Hi everyone.

Can't believe that it is that time again. My first UK Spouse Visa is about to expire (expiry date 09/10/2017) and I am very confused about some things. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

1) What is the name of the application I need to complete? Is it FLR (M) or FLR(SET)?

2) I read on the forum that the date of application is the date of the appointment for premium centre application. Does it mean if I book and pay for appointment on 1st Sept to go to appointment on 29th Sept, that 29th Sept is the application date or the 1st?

3)We will applying category F again. Can the accountant certificate of confirmation be dated after the date I pay for application, but obviously before the appointment date, ie - 29 Sept?

4) There is some tax outstanding( overdue) that we need to clear before our appointment, does the 28 day rule apply for this? Ie do we have to have the tax settled by the 1st or anytime before 29th?

5) About appointment booking service dates. I read somewhere that the dates can be booked up to 45 days in advance. I want to know what the general availability is, can you get an appoint in under 2 weeks time if needed?( I am willing to travel to any centre, depending on availability.)

6) We moved halfway through the visa to a new apartment in the same area and I have council tax bills and lease for both properties. Is this enough with official bills HMRC, bank statements in our names spread over the duration of the visa?

7) Would I need other supporting documents ( other than NHS payment confirmation, appointment confirmation and IHS number) in addition to the ones I submitted last time?

I have submitted the following list of documents to support my application for entry clearance under UK spouse visa.

Completed complication form
Applicant letter of introduction
Current passport of applicant
Previous passport of applicant
2 passport photo's of applicant
IELTS certificate of applicant
Proof of NHS payment of applicant - I went to the doctor while on visit visa in the summer and paid for the consultation and meds.
Request for return of all original documentation

Copy of sponsor's passport biodata page and South African residency- My husband has permanent residency in South Africa and that's when we met.
Letter of sponsorship
SU07 form
1 passport photo of sponsor

Appendix 2
Evidence of the amount of tax payable, paid and unpaid for the last full financial year.
annual self-assessment tax return to HMRC (a copy or print-out)
Statement of Account (SA302). -
Proof of registration with HMRC as self-employed.
Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR)
Letter from Bank stating name and account number details
Letter from Bank stating list of Class 2 National Insurance payments made
Personal bank statements for the same 12-month period as the tax return showing that the income from self-employment has been paid into an account in the name of the person
Evidence of ongoing self-employment through evidence of payment of Class 2 National
Insurance contributions. ( evident from National Insurance Payment schedules, as well as bank statements from 1 April 2016 - now)
The business is not required to produce annual audited accounts, unaudited accounts
for the last full financial year and an accountant’s certificate of confirmation, from an
accountant who is a member of a UK Recognised Supervisory Body (as defined in the
Companies Act 2006);
Invoice of accountant
Letter explaining the nature of self employment

Unabridged marriage certificate
Abridged marriage certificate
marriage register copy
photo's of applicant and sponsor together from 2006 - 2017
Letter by applicant detailing contact between the applicant and sponsor
Email inbox print outs for duration of relationship
Skype log print out
Facebook messages ( random)
Previous invitation letters from sponsor to applicant
Applicant's old boarding passes from previous visits to the UK

correspondence from at least 3 sources proving we shared address for duration of the visa

Current tenancy agreement
Latest council tax bill in the both our names
Electoral role registration letter with sponsor's name
Utility bill in the sponsor's name
Photographs of the let property

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#1 FLR(M).
#2 29th Sept.
#3 Yes, as application date is 29th.
#4 They aren't normally interested in what you pay out or your tax situation.
#5 It's normally 6 weeks (42 days) in advance. You can try, but no guarantee you will find an appointment to suit.
#6 Different addresses are fine, as people do move.
#7 You don't need:
Cover letters
SU07/12 form
Appendix 2, as FLR(M) covers all financials.
Ensure English test was passed at A2 or better.
You just need documents evidencing co-habitation, so no Skype, photos, letters, travel evidence etc.
No electoral registration letter.
Make sure you are both listed as joint tenants on tenancy agreement.
Either council tax or utility bill.
No property photos.

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1. FLR(M)
2. 29th
3. Yes that's ok
4. I don't think tax matters? Not sure
5. Depends on the service centre but you may have difficulty getting an appointment in under 2 weeks
6. That's fine
7. You don't need any communication evidence, photos, or proof of visits for this FLR(M) application. Since you're living together, it is obvious that you are in regular contact and have a genuine relationship. Your proof of correspondence evidences this, so you don't need any of the evidence you have listed under "REGARDING PROOF OF GENUINE AND SUBSISTING RELATIONSHIP" except the marriage certificate itself.

The correspondence you have listed is not adequate. Anything that's been addressed only to the sponsor needs to be accompanied by an additional item addressed to the applicant. The requirement is for six pieces of jointly-addressed correspondence, from at least three different official sources, spread evenly over the last 2.5 years. Any item which is not jointly-addressed needs to be supplemented with another document addressed to the other partner. So you should have a minimum of six pieces of correspondence, and a maximum of about twelve (though you can submit a few more if there's any uncertainty).

You don't need photographs of the property. If you're sharing the property with anyone besides your spouse, you should have a property inspection report done. Not photos.
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Thanks Joppa and Clever Octopus for your replies, that's very helpful! Really appreciate it.

Just to clarify, in the financial guidelines it says for Category F self-employed to submit evidence of tax paid, payable and unpaid. Would the fact that my husband is overdue not be problem? We will obviously try to pay it off before appointment date or at least as much as possible

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Sorry, I think I was spending a while typing my reply (multitasking with work) and didn't see Joppa reply first. I suppose we essentially said the same thing, though I do hope you're able to find more correspondence for your application. They have occasionally been asking people to send in more than the minimum.

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Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. I've turned the house upside down, looking for more paperwork and bills I could use. Found quite a bit, so that should be okay. :)
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