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My partner and I are looking to move to Sydney early next year. I will be moving over on a skilled workers migration visa and she will also be travelling on that visa. In London I earn a salary of £54,000 and the salary I’ve been offered in Sydney is $95,000. Realistically on that amount am I going to be able to live a similar sort of live style? What would you say £54,000 roughly equates to in Sydney taking cost of living into consideration?

$95k doesnt quite make it. A rough guide to take into the higher cost of living is said to be about 2.5x your UK salary.

However would you be getting any perks with that? If there was relocation, car or housing allowance etc it could even out.

Australia as a whole is expensive. Rents on a par with London and down in the city costs more than out in the suburbs.

That said $95k is not actually a bad wage when the average Australian salary is about $60k but its not the same as £54k
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