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Just inform once along with the scanned copy of you PCC acknowledgement. Then if you don't get PCC by the specified time(70days in your case), send an email again explaning the delay of the PCC. I think its not good to communicate very frequently with CO on the same issue.

Is it fine if I frequently update my CO about the progress I am making in getting PCC certificates ? I fear of using up all 70 days time and not really get PCC done eventually. This is the reason why I am updating my CO frequently to show that I am doing every thing I can to get the certificates. Does this help me in getting extension if needed or is updating frequently is seen negatively ?

I am not able to sense this from my CO because he / she won't respond to my 'FYI' sort of messages.

I am struggling to get things done here. Lot of red tape and bureaucracy. I have come so far and really gone through lot of hard knocks to get to this stage in visa processing. I really do not want this delay which is not in my control to affect the whole thing.

Please suggest if I will have a hard time getting extension if needed ?
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