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Coming ready or not....!

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Well I've just got back to the UK after a brief 3 day visit to Spain. Bought a house sorted kids school. We move early July. Soooo much to do!
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Where abouts??? I hope you've got a good abogado etc sorted out. Yes, you've got lots to do now and I'll bet its all a bit unreal!!! The next step I guess is to sort out everything in the UK, tie up loose ends and start packing LOL!!!!

Jo xxx
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Any particular reason? I trust him implicitly. An I wrong to do so? He's got me an amazing deal on the house.
I'm really pleased for you and probably a tad jealous. Altho I wouldnt have bought, I certainly would love to live in Spain full time and "forever". The one thing you shouldnt ever do is use the legal company provided by the estate agents - its just not done and any good agent would know that they shouldnt. House buying, solicitors, notaries whatever are nothing like the UK. I wont say that they're not as honest, but........ lets just say they know who their friends are

Jo xxx
Heres an article I copied on here a year or so ago, which may give you some valuable info in your adventure


Jo xxxx
I trust him as he has dealt with the purchase of my parents house and has gone above and beyond the call of duty in matters other than that concerned with the property.

I will, however, get an independent to look through the legal documents prior to completion. Thanks for your concern folks
We all wish you well really you know. Some expats have been tarnished by dodgy deals and the bad reputation of property purchases etc in Spain. As long as you procede with caution and knowledge, hopefully you'll be fine. Keep us posted tho, show the forum that buying in Spain can be a pleasant process, I certainly want to know how it goes and how you get on!! Good luck with it

Jo xxxx
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