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Coming ready or not....!

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Well I've just got back to the UK after a brief 3 day visit to Spain. Bought a house sorted kids school. We move early July. Soooo much to do!
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Yup deposit paid. Can't wait.
In Quesada, Costa blanca. The real estate office are taking care of all the legalities. :)
Any particular reason? I trust him implicitly. An I wrong to do so? He's got me an amazing deal on the house.
He got me the deal I put on the table plus some. A good sized house on a decent plot in a good area. Fully furnished to a high spec. Couldn't ask for more
Does it make any difference that the agent is uk owned and run??
I trust him as he has dealt with the purchase of my parents house and has gone above and beyond the call of duty in matters other than that concerned with the property.

I will, however, get an independent to look through the legal documents prior to completion. Thanks for your concern folks
Thanks Jo. That means a lot. I will stay in touch :)

I'll need all the friends I can get!

1 - 8 of 28 Posts
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