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Coming ready or not....!

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Well I've just got back to the UK after a brief 3 day visit to Spain. Bought a house sorted kids school. We move early July. Soooo much to do!
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Just read this and certain thoughts immediately spring to mind...

Would you use a solicitor recommended by the estate agent/developer in the UK?
Would you ask yourself why that particular agent was being recommended?

When I bought my first house in the UK decades ago I used a solicitor recommended by the agent. I was young and inexperienced. I ended up taking a complaint against the solicitor to the Law Society and won my case.....after a lot of hassle.

When I've bought property abroad I used a totally independent legal firm to act for me as I did in the UK after my first bad experience.

All of the above does not of course mean beyond doubt that you made a misjudgment. I sincerely hope you didn't and that all turns out well.:)
Any particular reason? I trust him implicitly. An I wrong to do so? He's got me an amazing deal on the house.

How can you say you trust him 'implicitly'?
You say you were in Spain for three days yet you trust 'implicitly' someone you have met in that period and of whose background you know virtually nothing:eek:

Oh yes, you are very wrong to do so.

How do you know you got an 'amazing deal'? Did the agent or lawyer tell you that?

None of what I have posted should be taken to imply that the agent and lawyer haven't acted properly.

It's your judgment I'm referring to and I hope that all goes well in spite of you trusting a lawyer and agent you don't know.

Spanish lawyers do not have the same comparatively high standing they have in the UK. It seems to be taken for granted that they are a bunch of crooks...probably unfairly.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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