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Hello all!

I'm writing in the hope that you can help me with some information/clarification.

Me and my boyfriend are very interested in moving to Australia. We are both 30 years old, with good English knowledge. I'm currently a freelance translator, and he works in the telecommunication industry. After reading the official information on the immigration site, we've decided that he would be the more suitable of us to be the main applicant.
My only concern is that his background education does not entirely match the job he's doing now. More exactly, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in History and German Studies, but his working experience covers problem management and KPI & SLA management at a global telecommunications company, in German language projects (only the German the language aspect would be the common denominator). I don't exactly know whether the skill assessment would give us a positive feedback in respect to the studies recognition for the nominated occupation. I'm concerned that, because he is doing for a living something different than what he studied, our case would be disqualified.

I hope I gave you a clear picture of our situation, if not, I'll gladly offer you other specifics.

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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