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I am in the process of applying for GSM 175 visa, and this forum has been a great help while I was in the process of ASC assessment. Thanks for your help; I just received my positive ACS assessment (Developer Programmer), and right now working on my GSM 175 online application.

While filling up the details online (just one applicant- myself, and no dependants), I have a few questions/doubts.

Some of these questions have been discussed, but many posts are quite dated, and given the changing nature of rules, I thought it will be a good idea to list all the ambiguous areas and verify with folks who have applied recently or are aware of the latest rules. Here goes..

1) There is a section in "Personal Details" page that says: "If you have an Australia visa label in your current or previous passport, enter the visa number Visa number"

Does this include expired visas? If yes, then how to add multiple nos, since I have 2 expired business visa, but the field in the online form has place for one visa number.

2) There is another page for "Current or previous visas" which explicitly mentions "all" visas (valid or not), which allows multiple visa details, and I have filled the details for both my visas. But one of my visas was issued in Mumbai, which it appears is no longer operational, hence the drop-down option in the "place of issue" field does not have Mumbai. What would you suggest I do, leave it blank, or is these a place where I can put a note to clarify this?

3) On the page "Countries of Residence", its asks-

"Provide details of all countries in which you, your spouse/de facto partner or dependants (migrating or not) have lived for 12 months or more (since turning 16) during the last 10 years. The 12 month period of residence may be made up of a number of shorter periods. You must account for every year."

Except India, I have never lived in any country for more than 12 months, but since it is mandatory to fill this section, do I need to specify my Indian address for the last 10 years?

4) Once submitted, will I be able to update any details? if yes, then for how long?

5) Is there a contact(phone number or email) with DIAC for getting such querries answered?

6) I will be uploading colored scanned copies that are *NOT* attested or certified. I see numerous posts that say this is okay, just wanted to verify if something in this regard has changed recently.

7) After uploading the documents, do I need so send any application document (physical) by courier, or is it completely an online process?

I know this was a long post; thanks for you patience :) and thanks in advance for your guidance.
Hey... congrats on successful ACS assessment.

1. I reckon they are asking for a valid Aussie visa here.

2. Not sure of this. You might select New Delhi if it is there in the dropdown.

3. Put only the Indian address if you have not stayed more than 12 months in another country.

4. Once submitted you will not be able to change anything in the form.

5. Yes there is a contact number. National Telephone Numbers

6. Colored scanned copies it is.

7. I did not send anything by snail mail to DIAC. Only meds went by post but it was because the hospital in Pune did not have e-health facility.
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