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Hi guys,

This question was asked million times but all the answers covered only a portion of what i am going to ask now.

So i lived and worked in Romania for 3 years and for the first 2 years i had been paid in cash and i kept my money with me home.

On the last year of my employment the company finally decided to pay through bank and I finally started to receive my salary on my new account.

My question is :

Since i had tons of cash with me the money which was being paid to the bank was never touched until i finally closed the account (so in my bank statement, i have 10 months of salary being paid but no withdraw except the time i closed my account.)

Second : While moving from romania i lost my pay slips but i still have my tax deceleration which is stamped both from the company and the tax office.

I also have a paper from HR which includes the period i worked for the company and my duties. (also some other documents which includes the board decision when i started to work and when i left)

Having 3 years experience in romania and 2 years in czech republic, ACS deducted 2 years of my experience (you know the new rule)

So for 2 years of employment in Czech Republic i have all the necessary documents. (Pay slip, tax office deceleration, employment letter plus a very good bank statement) but on the other hand for Romania i only have tax office paper, a bank statement with no expenses (but salary regularly paid) and an employment letter.

So what do you suggest? Should i go ahead and claim points or having only tax office declaration is not enough?

Thanks in advance for your comments
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