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Hi! I have a question regarding Partner Skill Qualifications for claiming 5 points.

I submitted an EOI for myself and I received an invitation to apply for NSW nomination on the 190 visa if can apply until July 1.

My partner will submit an EOI for 189 and 190 when English test and assessment results come in, sometime in July but would my partner be eligible to claiming 5 points for Partner Skill Qualifications by adding my documents? We are both 261313 in the SOL.

I am contemplating between the following choices:
- Apply for nomination before July 1
If I do this, can my partner claim 5 more points using Partner Skill Qualifications?

- Skip the application and just wait for 189, or another invitation to apply for nomination
If I do this, will I get another chance to apply for a nomination? Also I plan to resubmit my EOI with my partner skills to get 5 more points some time in July.

Thanks all.
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