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i opened a cheque bounce case against a person in sharjah. he get 1 month jail for this. his sentence date was 28-5-15 fro 1 month jail.

he should stay in jail till 28-6-15. i get copy of that order on 15-6-15 and on the same day i open a civil case against him.

they process everything and said me that they have to take sign from that person fro jail and to come back after 1 week . now on 25-6-15 i go to court and they said the person is not in jail. i was shocked how its possible.

they said me to go central jail.

now what king of law is this??? i already lost my money. again lost my money on case opening and they said person not in jail.

can anyone tell me where to complain such king of law / case??? or anyone can guide about that case???

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Was he released as one of the prisoners who have been pardoned and let out during Ramadan?
If yes, then I seem to remember that the President not only pardons them - but settles their outstanding bills.
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