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I'm planning to study Master of IT at UTS.
The school has considered me as a non IT Graduate. Therefore, I have to take the following courses:


(Just a quick question in here. The course that says Fundamentals of Software Development, is this based on UML or how much java/programming is covered for this course?)


Anyways, I have to take elective courses for the rest, and I am having a hard time of choosing them.
I want to become an ICT Bus. Analyst. So I believe it's good to take around 5:3 for programming and business courses? or somehwere around there? (i have to pick 8 electives).
I have a rare knowledge what coding language would be beneficial for the career?

What are the common coding langauges used for ICT Bus Analyst? (such as is it database, java, unix?)

Here is the list of courses:


Could you please help me out the courses that I should take for coding classes and for business classes please?

Thank you.
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