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Hi Everyone,

I had few queries related to child VISA. If you could help please.

We(both parents) are PR of Australia but currently working and living in Canada, have Indian Passport.

Will be moving to Australia soon. But my child is Canadian citizen.

I have to apply for Child Visa 101. At the time of application we all would be in India.
We have lived in Australia for 4 months and have one IT return.

How much bank balance have to be shown for Child Visa ?
Is it necessary to have a Job in Australia of the sponsor ?
What all documents would be needed ? Anything would be needed from Canada in our case ?
Whats the best way to apply for child visa ? From India/Canada or while in Australia with my child on tourist visa ?

What's the difference of child visa 101 and being a PR? Any difference in terms of benefits?

Because DIBP says

"We might ask for an assurance of support for the child so that welfare costs for some migrants are not borne by the Australian community."

Please advise.


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Hi Silvi6,

I have a similar situation and similar questions. Were you able to find out any of these answers? Can you please share?

In my case, I am from Pakistan living in US and my daughter is born in US.

Thank you!
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