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Hi All,
apologize if this is a duplicate post. I did try to find a check list of things to do after you get your visa and after arriving in UK. I did find a checklist that Joppa created for visa application package. I did find some info spread out on different posts, but not in one place. I could have missed it. I am looking for something that looks like this ..

before arriving in UK:
1) travel to UK/flight booking
2) mover schedule -- what are the customs rules? What is taxable and what is not for bringing into the UK? I was told by the mover that, since my wife is british and moving back to UK with me, most likely there won't be any import tax/duty. not sure.
3) change of address for all US correspondence -- maybe direct them to a mailbox as I am not sure where I will get job in UK and where I will be finally living.
4) Sell car, cancel utility, etc
5) get all medical records, prescription, etc
6) international drivers license (even though it seems like my california license would be okay for a year)

after arriving in UK: The sequence of these activity seems to be important in some cases

1) Get a NI Number
2) Get NHS number
3) apply for drivers license after getting NI Number. apparently US license can't be exchanged for UK licence. also, not sure why some of the posts say, have to wait 6 months before applying for provisional license. I do get the point where it says, must pass the driving test by 12 months to avoid having to have someone next to you and have the L sign.
4) Get wife to apply for EHIC card for the whole family after getting NHS number.
5) Bank accounts
6) credit cards (any idea how to accelerate the building of credit score in UK)? In us, I remember having my brother add me as a user on his credit card seem to have given me a huge boost on credit. it was a long time ago, not sure if this still works and in uk if this works at all.
7) finding job. (data and analytics)
8) finding a place to stay.
9) buy a car or something ... are the german cars being sold in UK with same amount of vat/tax as UK made cars? How about japanese cars?
10) meet with other expats ...

I am sure there are so many other things to do ... i was hoping to have all or as many as possible, in one checklist.

Thanks everyone.
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