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I pay money to immigration adviseman in Egypt but it wasnt helpful for my wife's situation. so I pay some money to immigration person solistor in UK they give some adviser to me. but I still have questions and UK solistor is expensive.

UK legall solistor says we pass rules ok because of bank saving on my account.
I have in my HSBC account £5000.
Wife has £30000 in egypt Alex Bank

I am carer for family in UK I am given public funds from DWP to work as carer and this is special rule for spouse visa so not £18600 income rule please:biggrin1:

I am shy about some details because maybe government red this forum so I change our names.:fingerscrossed: :cool::cool:

my partner is Yemeni but living in Egypt. wife is 5 years marred. we live some times in Egypt living together and sometime in UK.

I am living in UK also I am Yemeni but now UK citizenship of 16 years before I make asylum ;) in 2002 and we will make application for spouse visa this year.
we no have children. but I have family my parents living in UK.
sorry my English is pore.

I read all documents online and I red appendix of government UKBA.

wife will make application in Cairo to the embassy soon.

here is check list for us please red and confirm.

marriage document (Katb el-Kitab) from Yemen.:)

birth certifcate ;)

photos of us together.:)

wife's English test certificate in Cairo. :)

"Give proof of your income "

My bank account book. :cool:

wife's bank account book in Egpyt. :cool:

My letter from UK DWP.:cool: (I am work as carer for my mother in UK so I receive carers allowance)

The caseworker will see how we live?

do I need letter from my mother for invitation to live in mother's house? or do I need letter from mother's bank about the house.

mother owns house in UK but mother is disabled and retirement.

do I need to show council tax payments document? mother lives alone but sometime other brother also stays but this isnt problem.

please confirm check list if I miss things.

and she will pay NHS Surcharge Fee.
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