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I got a employment visa last year through a family friend because my university visa was expiring and I had no choice

So I was an 'employee' in eyes of MOL & everyone else and used to get a dummy salary of 2000 dhs which I paid back to him

This is a unlimited contract, and visa period is 2 years
its not free zone company

so now after 6 months, I got an actual job offer
so I was confused on how I can go about transferring to the new company without any bans or fines?

the previous employer will give me NOC & whatever is required and wont ask for any compensation,

I paid for all the visa procedures aswell when I was joining so I don't really owe him anything except using his company as a sponsor

So with this support, can I transition smoothly?

and any other documents reqd from prev. employer except NOC?

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