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I got an email from DAIC today regarding "Changes to online e-Lodgement services"

The Content of the email is as mentioned below:

29 Nov 2013

You have been contacted by DIAC
This letter refers to your Expression of Interest (EOI) submitted in the SkillSelect system.

Your EOI details are:
EOI ID: &&&&&&&&&
Submitted date: 13 Sep 2013
Full Name: &&&&&&&&&&&&&
DOB: &&&&&&&&&&&

Changes to online e-Lodgement services

This correspondence refers to your Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect system for a Points Tested skilled migration visa.

This correspondence is to advise the following:

Changes to online e-Lodgement services
This correspondence is to advise you of changes to our eLodgement systems which will occur on 6 December 2013. The department will be introducing Online Account which will allow clients to view and group their online applications.

If you are invited to apply for a visa in SkillSelect it is advised that you regularly check the department’s website, before lodging your visa application, to ensure there are no system maintenance and technical issues which may affect lodgementdue to the changes to our eLodgement system.

See: Online services.

Revised Points Test factor information

Information on Points Tested skilled migration visas has been revised and is available on the department’s website at:

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189).

This is a good opportunity to check claims you have made in your EOI and update any information. Information on Points

Test factors and how to claim points for these factors is also available on the SkillSelect Support site at:


SkillSelect administrator

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Changes On E-Lodgement Service

Hi all, i received a mail from Diac about changes on the e-lodgement of visa starting Dec 6, anyone aware of this?
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