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I'm new in this forum. Could you please support me to answer these questions:

1- When applying 189 visa, have I ask for a Bridge visa if my current 489 one still has effect ( expire on 2018)
2- After receiving invitation of 489 visa, I changed to new company. But I didn't mention it to CO because my boss said he only provided the reference letter when I worked for 6 months. Next month is the 7th one, so I intend to reassess ACS because I can gain more 5 points thanks to that working period. Does this new ACS affect negatively my application?
3- If I can't get visa 189 successfully, how about my current visa?
4- Can my husband (dependent in 489) become the primary applicant in 887 visa and vice versa? We will move to Mel on Jul/2015 and he will go to work while I stay at home to take care babies.

Thanks for helping me :)
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