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Hi All,

I had applied for Skills Assessment via ACS around a month back but I received the following response day before yesterday

Dear ..,

Your qualifications have been assessed as not meeting the ACS educational requirements for this application type.

We would like to provide you the opportunity to change your application type to a Recognition of Prior Learning application (RPL).

To proceed with a RPL application, please complete the following actions:

Action No: 1 - Please submit an additional payment of $200.00 AUD

Action No: 2 - Please complete an ACS Project Report Form

We will place your skills assessment on hold for an extra 30 days. If no contact is received within this period, your application will be assessed according to the current documents.

Please help as I am a bit worried. I am a B.S.C in Mathematics with having 11 years of experience in IT. Please help me on the following points,

a.) I have heard that after submission of RPL, if there is a positive response then I would lose 6 years from the 11 years experience as the 6 years would be used for converting the experience to a qualification..and I would be left with just 5 years of experience to be shown for ACS..which i am not sure would be enough for a PR..is that right?

b.) If I get a positive response from ACS after RPL, would it show that my qualification (B.S.C) as not be suitable in the ACS result?

c.) If there is a format (with sample content) which shows how the information should be documented for RPL? I am aware that it content should be original and wouldnt copy the information.

Please help me as I am a bit confused and now really worried about my ACS application. :confused:

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a) Submit all of your experience to ACS and they will deduct 6 out of it leaving you with 5 years of work experience to claim points from (assuming all 11 years of your experience is closely related to the ANZSCO). Number of years of work experience do not matter, but the total points do (total from age, education, work experience, English, etc). If your occupation is from the 2613 group, then 65 should be enough to receive an invitation.

b) They will not state anything (neither positive nor negative) about your degree. It is recommended you get it separately evaluated for its AQF equivalence from VETASSESS. See Points Test Advice from VETASSESS for this.

c) None that I know of. ACS website has a sample/ template.
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