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Hello Everyone,

I searched a lot to know the chances of state nomination with 65 points especially for VIC under 190 VISA but I always see posts talking about the chances of 60 points.
Therefore, I am asking this question especially from the people who are experienced.

Following are my points and I am applying for Developer Programmer (261312)

Age = 30
IELTS = 10
Education = 15
Experience = 5
SS = 5

Total = 65

I know I can apply for 189 visa with 60 points but I know that minimum 65 points are required nowadays for 261312 to be invited, so I have no chance.

Therefore, I am applying for 190 Visa to increase my score from 60 to 65, but I am wondering that what are the chances of getting invited with 65 points from a state (better if VIC)? may be they only invite people with 70 points. who knows.

I will highly appreciate any kind of information.

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