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I have seen many people seeking advice regarding CDR and seeking samples etc.
All samples that I found on Google and other places deviate away from instructions given in Assessment booklet of Official site.
If anyone have questions regarding CDR, please post it here and we will do our best to reply.

The most difficult hindrane for applicants is t START.
So Here I am posting a small guidance.
The best thing is to have your CV, recall and list all type of small projects or activities that you did so far.
Now go to the official booklet and find page # 16, 17 and 18.Make sure you have gone through these instructions.
Now go to page 32-36 and read all REQUIRED attributes.start marking your activities on those attributies.Soon you will have idea that which projects/activities are BEST matches to those attributes.

Now you are in position to prioritize your projects and you can shortlist the best three.

Now make a layout of length as follows.
*Pages length is derived from words count intstructions given in official site.
Intro:0.25 to 0.65 page
Background: 2 to 5 pages
Personal Engineering Activities: 4 to 10 pages
Summary:0.5 to 1.25 pages

Now put pages 32-36 in front of you and start braingstorming against each attributes required.
Start writing lines in your CDR against those narratives only.(Dont write what you did.Write you they need from your experiences.)
After you have written a line, go to professonal summary page, find corresponding attribute and give reference there.

I believe the above writeen appraoch will help all friends here START and write theri OWN CDR with confidence and originality.It will get you rid from low quality samples on internet that dont follwo instructions

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The requirements for competency demonstration report CDR for engineers who want to migrate to Australia keeps changing. It is always important to check through the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) Booklet at the Engineers Australia Website before starting to prepare your CDR. <SNIP> kaju/moderator
Read the materials there and in case you need technical assistance you can contact them. You may also need to get a sample CDR report from a reliable source to give you a clear picture of what is expected of a CDR.
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