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I am new to the forum and have started my application for a 189 Visa to Australia under ANZSCO 233411 (Electronic Engineer) and would really appreciate some advise on the following. I need to do a CDR for EA as the Washington Accord was only signed with South Africa in 1999 and I obtained my B.Eng Electronic degree in 1995 and my M.Eng Electronic degree in 1998.

- I started working as an Electronic/Optical engineer at "Company A" at the end of 1995.

- I moved to "Company B" in 2003 and started to move more into the higher System Engineering level.

- One of my career episodes currently is during my time at "Company A" while the other two is with "Company B". All three of my episodes are electronic work related so I think it should be fine.

Thus I have been working full time in the engineering field for the past 22 years and want to claim maximum points for 10+ years experience. But I am struggling to get all the document proof from 20+ years ago and I feel that moving to higher system levels have weakened my chances for choosing a 233411 for the 189. Is this true, or will it be seen as an asset for the Professional Engineer claim?

1) Can I do a career episode on something I have done almost 20 years ago if I can get an employment letter and ask my old boss to write a statutory declaration?
2) Most of my hands-on electronic work has happened in the first 10 odd years and have decreased since I moved more into the field of Systems Engineering.
3) So my latest employment letters from "Company B" and now "Company C", states Chief Systems Engineer, and Specialist Systems Engineer and no specific Electronic engineering roles in the past 5 odd years.

The other big thing counting against me, is TIME. I am 44 turning 45 in 195 days! so don't want to waste time on incorrect things with EA and going down a path if I know I will not make it in time. Anyone think I am crazy trying to make these odds and timeline?

If I redo my IELTS to score all 8's and EA give full 10 years experience, I should be able to make 65 points. (Missed my first IELTS with all 8's except listening, 7. :( )

Thank you for any help and advise with this. I am currently on the "low" side of this "roller-coaster-ride" :eek:hwell:
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