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Hi mates,

I have been living in Australia for 17 months on 476 ( skilled Graduate Visa 18 months visa). I have been working as Electrical Compliance Technician for 14 months. This is my 15th month.
I need some help for claiming points for this 1Yr+ Australian Job experience. I am still working in this profession.

I had submitted CDR report to Engineers Australia in July 2016 and got skill assessed under Professional Telecom Engineer. IELTS score is 7 each and age is 28.

Last week (14th Aug 17) I had submitted new CDR + applied for skilled assessment with experience letter and all the required docs like payslips, super fund details, tax refund details. Applied for Fast Track. This time I have applied for Electrical Engineer. My all 3 career episodes are related to my Job and job projects.

I have following queries with it:
1- Do EU make call on the numbers provided on company's letterhead experience letter to confirm or do they call the HR for confirming my mentioned job roles and duties?
2- In the last financial year 16-17, my taxable income was 59,600/- AUD for 12 months. Do you think it is a reasonable income for accessing skill employment for aussie job? I am asking it becoz it is my first Australian job.
3- How strict they are in accessing the skill employment for 1 yr Aussie Job?
4- Can anybody guide me what will be the next steps for 189 if get positive skill assessment and job experience?
5- How long EU will take to reply in case of fast track? I applied on 14-08-17

Thank you mates in advance :)
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