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Cuevas La Atalaya is an inland tourism cave hotel complex providing an unforgettable Spanish rural holiday in Huéscar, Granada, Spain. It is composed of several different cave houses of different sizes, all equipped to make your rural holiday in Spain an unforgettable experience.

Located in Huéscar, on the Granada plateau, our caves offer you the chance to enjoy a few days rest in unique accommodation which maintains a constant natural temperature of between 18ºC and 20ºC all year round. Cave houses have been the traditional homes in this area for centuries, and have given their inhabitants a unique character. They have now been restored so they can be enjoyed by holidaymakers in Spain who are looking for something different.

Staying in a cave house is an enriching experience, and at ours, you will find the ideal surroundings to relax, while respecting the environment and in the pure traditional style. Our cave houses in Huéscar have capacity for between two and ten people and offer you all commodities for comfortable and pleasant stay.

If you visit us, we are sure you will return. Dare to enter the depths of this land and discover one of the most unique types of accommodation you can find.
To find out more.....contact us now at [email protected]



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