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I have to say Mary, I chuckled when I read your comments in the press about catnapping.

An ex-girlfriend of mine in London, used to have a cat harness and would take the cat for a walk around Islington most mornings. Suffice to say, I would don trilby, wig and dark glasses and walk several paces behind...

On a more serious note, is this (catnapping) becoming a common practice? Our Ayuntamiento imposed a €300 fine for anyone who`s dog was on the loose in the village. That was six months ago and, if anything, the number of dogs on the loose has increased and not a single hound, cat or other four-legged critter has been incarcinated, whilst waiting for the ransom to be paid.

Finally, on a more cheery note, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, who was abandoned by some Brits (grrr to the power of 10). He is very docile and responds to English and Spanish.

I`ll post a pikkie when I get back from the market.

Pip pip!


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Huh? I own a cat and wouldn't want her out and about in the streets...think fleas, intestine parasites, diseAses, being run over by a car, snatched by someone who might think is too cute, or tortured by cruel children. I could go on.

Ayuntamientos desperately need money, people need money and theyll get resourceful, whether it is to take pets roaming in the streets, cars that Aare badly stationed, or yes, fine those who walk Without an appropriate form of ID is irrelevant as long as it is within the law.
Why this is surprising to anyone or makes headlines in the press is beyond me. People are such drama queens so sometimes.

as for the spaniel, I had one many years ago. He was sweet and docile and obedient most of the time, but he had rage sindrome and you could never tell when he was going to attack me. Yes he will Attack me without me even approaching him when his wires crossed inside his head for some reAson. it was rare but it happened a handful of times. I had to give it away. So don't judge the previous owners of your cooker, you never know. Cookers are known for suffering from rage syndrome. after the Spaniel we got a Snauzcher, and he stays at my mothers, he is now like close to 15 years old, so it's not like we were irresponsible dog owners.
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