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I am renewing my Carte de Sejour, which expires Dec. 4. I use an agency for help, and made an appointment in September, as I will be in the US during October. The agency has since temporarily closed due to a family emergency. My questions are:

Is it possible to apply for renewal less than 60 days in advance?

Are there requirements for the length of time the insurance policy must be in effect prior to the renewal appointment at the prefecture?

As always, thank you for any information.

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It can depend on the prefecture (and how long it takes to get an appointment to renew a carte de séjour). The official Service Public site says to apply for renewal during the 2 months prior to the expiration date. Some prefectures may stick to that pretty strictly - others not so much. They may reject your renewal appointment more than 2 months out - or maybe not. But applying less than 2 months out should work fine, as long as you can get the appointment during the proper time frame.

Generally speaking, the insurance has to apply for the period for which the carte de séjour is being renewed.
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