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Hi there,

I've been reading a lot on this forum but have not found answers to the questions I have about my specific situation.

I am an Australian, married to a Belgian and we have moved to France to live near my husband's son who is a French national. We have been here for almost two months and yesterday visited the Prefecture to begin the process for obtaining my Carte de Sejour.

Unfortunately, the man behind the counter told us we cannot even begin the process until my husband obtains a job. As we have over 135,000 euro in the bank and intend to set up a business here, as well as travel back to Australia at the end of the year, this is simply not in our plan.

My questions are:

1. Does the French government have the right to insist that my husband obtain employment when we have money in the bank?
2. With regard to Health Insurance, which companies have members successfully used that are cost effective and meet requirements to obtain the Carte de Sejour?

All experiences and advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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That's the main "catch" to the simplified process of obtaining a carte de séjour for the family members of an EU national... the EU national in the family needs to have a "statut" - which is to say that he or she needs to be in France for some reason. Basically the choices are: work, study or "inactif" (which is to say that they are retired and living on either pension or savings).

Ideally in your situation, your husband should probably get the intended business set up (which gives him a statut) and then you can register for your carte de séjour and join him in the business. But if you've been here for 2 months already, that could be cutting it extremely close for the timing of your application. (Has to be done before your 90 day Schengen visa runs out.)

As far as the health insurance is concerned, getting the business up and running would require registering with the sécu (to pay cotisations) and that would provide the appropriate health cover. As far as private cover is concerned, I'll leave it up to the others here on the forum to recommend specific companies.
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