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carte de sejour - change of address, travel to uk

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Hello ,
I am an international student studying in france since last year. I am from india originally and completing my masters in global management from France. I arrived last year october and i have my carte de sejour validity of one year from last oct to october 31 2009..our course officially gets over next year april after completion of an internship which i am hoping to find soon in paris. My problem is my boyfriend is in England and i need to visit him as soon as possible for a week .i was hoping to go around the 5th/6th of september, that is two weeks from now..i have applied online for my UK visa and have all the documents necessary for submitting in the paris visa application center next week wednesday,the 26th of august. My course was in normandy and i just moved to my new appartment in paris today. So among other papers i need to give my proof of current address which i hope my new contract of lodgement should suffice. But my address on the carte de sejour will be different from my current address..is that going to be a problem? Also my carte de sejour is expiring on the 31st of october will that be a ground for my tourist visa to UK being rejected??:confused:(...i just need it for a week between 5th septeber to 12th september..and my carte is valid till 31st october..i cannot apply for renewal unless i apply for changed address first..so if i apply for changed address and take that proof of application and my new contract should that be enough? I really urgently need to visit Uk..please advice me what to do..i dont have much time before my appointment on 26th august at the british visa center in paris...:confused:
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Hi, I'm putting this in a thread of its own so maybe you'll get a bit more response.

Since you have a carte de séjour, I think you actually may not need a visa to visit the UK. The fact of residing in France is supposed to give you leave to visit other countries in Europe (maybe that's only in the Schengen region). You may want to check with the consulate on that.

But in any event, I don't think there's any problem with your cds expiring at the end of October. Just be sure to start the renewal process as soon as you get back from your visit to the UK.
hi Bevs,

thanks so much for replying and also for putting it in a new thread , im new on this forum didnt know how it works...:p
well UK is not part of the schengen and the carte de sejour can only be used without visa in the schengen area sadly....i have checked on the website of the british embassy. so i need a tourist visa minimum 6 months validity. But since my carte is expiring in end of october it might be a problem. I got to know that if i apply for the renewal process online on the prefecture of paris website and set a date for the rendevous and take the paper showing i have applied and have a date for rendevous, the UK visa authorities accept it and there is no problem. I applied online a few hours ago and i have the paper now. Do you think i should be alright now..??:confused:

thanks again,
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