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Hi All

In the Property section of this site is another Forum i have just found there is a post about car tax. Anybody have any comments as this subject is one i have not seen before.


import tax car portugal

but you dont have to import your car.
the tax office has an 'estrangeiro' tax, which they dont tell you about - and under european law the portuguese govt. is acting illegally insisting that foreigners pay so much to import. the european standard fee is something like 49 euros!

portuguese law states that foreign cars can be here up to 6 months per year. european law states that any european registered car can be in any european country as long as you wish - is crazy that the laws dont match!

a uk car can be taxed in portugal (as estrangeiro tax, if the tax office argues, tell them you are in portugal 5 months a year, and in spain, france etc the rest, so you WANT to tax it here), and can be tested for safety in portugal (IPO), and abbeygate will insure a uk car in portugal with portuguese IPO and tax.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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