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Hi all,

I secured a job in Gibraltar and I will have to start soon, within the 15th of June.
I am looking for an house and the company is also helping me with the relocation.
I see that the big problem is how to get to La linea every day, I don't want to live in la linea (No offence, nothing against would prefer more a spanish village), and looking San Roque seems a good place to live.

It seems that there are 2 buses going every half hour but almost no one working there uses it, they mostly use a car. I don't know anyone there yet, and I don't have a car, neither I can use my driver license as I have to renew it, in a few word, I am looking for someone to share car .. well the petrol :D
Does anyone live in San Roque and work in Gib? Do you have any suggestions?
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