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This forum has been helpful in answering a lot of questions that I had during my move to France. therefore, I thought of sharing my experience in exchanging my Canadian (Quebecer) driver license for a French one.

It started with me trying to book an appointment through the Police website, which was very difficult. All the time slots were taken and I had to try multiple times per day in order to secure an appointment.

Documents needed:
1- Form 1 CERFA n°14879*01 request for the exchange
2- Form 2 CERFA référencé 06 (n°14948*01) not sure what for.
3- 3 passport pictures.
4- ID or passport+ copy. I gave them a copy of passport and Ofii sticker, but she asked for a photocopy of my long stay visa as well.
5- My valid driver license plus 2 photocopies recto verso.
6- Housing justification. I presented a yearly electricity bill on my name in addition to my spouse’s name.
7- Driving record from SAAQ (Canadian BMV in Quebec). This report is available on request on the SAAQ website.

That is all. She took the docs and said everything is good. She gave me a declaration stating that I made the request and that I should expect my new license by mail within a month.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It seems as though each prefecture has a slight variation on the procedures, so it's useful to hear how individuals have fared.
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