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Canadian giving birth in Mexico

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Hola, Im just wondering if anyone has any info on this, Im a canadian living in BCS for nearly 2 years with my mexican husband. We are wanting to start a family soon, however, i know things are a little different then what im used to in Canada. Can anyone give me any info on what to expect with the doctors? we arent terribly wealthy and I am covered under basic insurance with my husbands work,

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Hi Jody/Cesar

I know all about this as I went through it a year ago! My wife is Mexican and I am Canadian. So... here is my 2 centavos.

Firstly, having a baby in Mexico with the best doctors and best private hospital in your area is not overly expensive. We did not have insurance of any type so the first thing we did when we arrived in Mexico (with my wife 6 months pregnant) was look for the best Dr. we could find. We found a great one and had regular appointments with him leading up to the birth... normally about $500 pd esos per appointment... we had 4 or 5.

We asked him about public hospitals, private clinics and private hospitals. He recommended a few different ones and said it "was up to us". After looking at a few clinics where my wife "burst into tears" we decided to look at a private hospital that we assumed was out of our price range. As it turned out the cost was $9000 pesos if it was a natural birth and $12500 if it was a c-section. We looked at the facilities and they were clean and modern. The process felt like we were looking at hotels for a honeymoon as they handed us the brochure with all their pricing etc. This was the hospital where complications from private clinics get transferred to. The Dr and his team cost $12500 pesos so... our total cost was $2500 CDN dollars.

The hospital and team were second to none. We had a c-section that was hidden and horizontal (cant notice it), I was allowed in the operating room. the Pediatra is still our pediatrician... and on our second night the hotel brought us a antipasto platter and a bottle of wine to celebrate in the birth of our child. On top of it all we had an ocean view from our private room. We could not have found a better team or experience in Canada, the USA or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Citizenship... you child will be a Mexican citizen automatically... go to your local registrar office and they will make a long form birth certificate including a foot print... the process is easy and takes a few days.

Your child will automatically be Canadian as long as you were born in Canada. If you were born overseas you will have to make a citizenship application. Assuming you were born in Canada your child will be Canadian but you need to jump through a few hoops. If you go to the Canadian Embassy website all the info is there. You will need to apply for a passport and citizenship card. To do so you will need to get a few document officially translated into english or french (birth certificate and your husbands passport and or birth certificate). The translations need to be notarized... a good notary will be aware of the procedure. This process takes about 4-6 weeks so ensure you get the ball rolling soon if you expect to leave the country.

TO get a passport photo if a newborn is a challenge... but a good studio can help with that. They normally get the child to lie down on a white sheet and shoot from above.

We could not have had a better experience than we did here in Mexico. Feel free to PM me and I will pass you my phone # if you want to speak about our experience.

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