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Hi Everybody,

I just came across the expat forum discussions, so wanted some head-pointers on migrating to Canada.

Actually, me and wife are thinking of migrating to Canada. So would like to request you to share some valuable info which can help us to plan and work it out.

Following is our brief profile information:

I am living in (Maharashtra) working as a Technical Writer for a software company for about an year. Previously i was working as a business consultant working in content editing and content management profile for about 4 years. As of Canadian skill set my job code reflects: A

While my wife is an Architect, and has done her B.Arch. She is a member of Council Of Architects and has a working experience of 7 + years from a recognized architectural firm. Worked on Institutional, Commercial, industrial and residential projects from design to implementation.
Her skill set job code also reflects: A.

I have gone through the official Canadian website, i believe we both fit into skilled worker category and hence can apply for -->Express entry system.

But just wanted some reference pointers on PR-job portals, which city would be appropriate or any other information regarding same.

Should we opt to take up an immigration consultant help?

Please feel free to share your comments, it would really be helpful!

Thanks and have a nice day ahead.


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Canada is a large country, so asking "which city would be appropriate" would be like me asking which city in India has the best tourist attractions.

My friend loves Shimla, while another friend says that Tamil Naidu is great, my husband likes Mumbai and others have told me that Goa is where it's at.... it all depends on personal preference.

The same holds true for Canada. I have a personal bias for the mountains and ocean views in Vancouver (I was born there) but my Mother's family would never consider leaving Toronto, and my sister in law was born in Newfoundland, out on the East Coast.

You should do some research into Canada and see which areas suit you in regards to what you'd like to do during your off work time and then concentrate on looking at your prospects in those areas. The west coast has mild winters and cool summers and mountains and ocean, but it rains a lot, so some people don't like the rain and prefer to live in other areas. While I enjoy visiting my family in Toronto, I don't like how cold it is in the winter (it was -22°C when I was there at Christmas) and it is particularly humid in the summer, so I'd never consider living there long term. The prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are flat (lots of farming and no mountains), cold in winter and hot in summer... I don't particularly care for flat spaces, so those provinces would not be high on my choice of place to live.

In Quebec, be prepared to communicate in French.

Good luck to you.
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